Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fantasy Fiction Writer - The Medieval Era of Kings

Hi, my name is Joy Brooks. I am a new author. I currently have three books and two novellas in publication, Fourth Son, Sword of Virtue, Coming Home, Christmas Wish, and Chosen. I am passionate about writing. I love to tell a story, and I want others to read my stories and enjoy them. Fourth Son, Sword of Virtue , Coming Home, Christmas Wish, and Chosen are definitely books you will want to purchase. The era of kings has always fascinated me. I love the mystery and adventure associated with medieval warriors and royalty. The book blurbs are below. Visit my website at:

Check out my book Fourth Son on Kindle eBooks.
Fourth Son - eTreasuresPublishing On Sale Now - Click on Publisher Link at bottom of page21 year old Grayson has been chosen to be the next Jewel and Master of the Green Stone. The stone imparts power to control the dragons - all the dragons. As Master of the Stone, Grayson will live for 7 centuries. Bonding with the Green Stone is a torturous and necessary process. Grayson fights to escape that bonding torment and he flees from the certain anguish of losing everyone and everything that he loves over the course of 700 years.

Sword of Virtue - eTreasuresPublishing On Sale Now - Click on Publisher Link at bottom of pageKidnapped as a baby, Jared lives the next twenty years unaware of his royal heritage. Eventually, persecution and torment arrive with the knowledge of his identity. The legendary, Sword of Virtue chooses Jared to wield the power of 100 mages, but Jared must first endure agonizing ordeals to prove that he has five of the seven virtues required by the Sword. The life he loved destroyed, Jared is thrown into a world far beyond anything he could imagine.

Coming Home - eTreasuresPublishing On Sale Now - Click on Publisher Link at bottom of pageWhile Europe faces the ensuing Battle of Waterloo, Gabrielle Anderson travels to her brother's best friend's estate. Lord Marshall Hampton opens his home to her but Gabrielle also wants his love. She is determined to show him how she feels, but her time is shortened when Marshall is summoned to the war front. Will Gabrielle win the heart of the only man she has ever loved?

Christmas Wish - eTreasuresPublishing
Katie Holston, raised in foster homes, wants nothing more than a family to call her own. She meets the man of her dreams in Ian Stokely. Being his five year old son's teacher, she is in a position to make her dreams come true. Kyle Stokely confides in Katie his greatest wish for Christmas. He wants his widowed father to be happy again. Ian Stokely has a different view than Katie Holston and his son, Kyle. He wishes to be left aone. Can Katie and Kyle convince Ian to live life fully again?

Chosen - Mojocastle Press
The Ventalum Necklace chooses Crown Prince Mitchell as the new beneficiary of its valuable teleportation powers, but King Lance and General Beldair question Mitchell's ability to control the powerful amulet. Mitchell quickly finds himself in conflict with those leaders, a conflict exacerbated by the predatory sexual advances of he-man General Beldair. Mitchell is infatuated with beautiful Monica Hamburg, the bearer of a magical phasing device. A turbulent love triangle evolves. While emotional burdens ensue, Mitchell finds himself directing a war with a neighboring kingdom. He must use both allies and supernatural forces to overcome his mighty adversaries.

I hope you find these books intriguing and enjoyable reads.

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